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EduPlay believes in making sports an integral part of the education of a child and is working towards developing a healthier and fitter generation by using a Structured Sports and Physical Education (P.E) curriculum.

Some special feature of our curriculum is listed below:

  • This program includes separate curriculum for each class from grades U.K.G – 8.
  • Each class’s curriculum includes 50+ different sports activities.
  • EduPlay curriculum is oriented towards development of the following skills:
    1. Locomotor skills such as running, jumping, hopping, galloping, rolling, leaping and dodging, horizontal jump, slide.
    2. Manipulative skills such as throwing, catching, kicking, striking and trapping, dribble, overhand throw, and underhand roll.
    3. Stability skills such as balance, twisting, turning and bending.
Locomotor Skills
Happy Kid
Student Balancing

Your Needs and Us

Every educational institute and student has different cultures, norms, needs, and personalities. We focus on understanding our target audience and providing our service as per the requirement to enhance their abilities in a better way. You can completely rely on us from equipments to trainers and schedules as well. Some of our major responsibilities towards our target clients are:

  • Planning the Program:
    We will prepare the task plan, including overall activities, and maintain the schedule as per requirement. Activities can be during the school schedule or after school.
  • Events Execution and Management:
    If schools feel the necessity of any kind of extra events, then we will execute and manage the overall event in the best way possible.
  • Coordination and Communication Management:
    Personal contacts will be managed. There will be coordination and communication of the essential information between us and schools.
  • Post Program Management:
    There will be proper recording and maintenance of the ongoing program details. Feedback will be taken and improved accordingly. We will inform parents and schools about the progress of the students.

Our Deliveries for the Program

  • Design, Development and Execution of Program
  • Trainers and Human Resources
  • Appropriate Equipment and Sports Materials
  • Assessment and Evaluation of each Student with Report Card
  • Sport week management (Within our program schedule days)
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